Monday, July 18, 2011

Quotography | Birthdays

Big, big thanks to Nicolasa for choosing my "Anything" picture from last week as part of the Top 3 images. Also, belated happy birthday to Nicolasa!

Birthday Quote

A very fitting theme for this week on Quotography, I chose to share an image of my birthday cake, when I celebrated my birthday last May. This was a cake bought by my mom and I was really surprised when she handed me this, because I specifically told her not to do anything for my birthday. Not that I didn't want to celebrate it, I guess I have already accepted the simpler joys of celebrating the gift of life, but because my mom still wanted me to have a cake, of course I accepted this with all my heart.

Life, like many things is a state of mind. If you think your life is crap despite all the blessings surrounding you, then life is indeed a big crap. But, if you think your life is all bright and shiny despite the crappiness surrounding you, then life is indeed bright and shiny.

*** Jenn ***