Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoot and Edit | Summer [Edit]

Before I share my edit for the "Summer" prompt, here's the SOOC:

Paratong Beach

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When I chose this as my image, I visioned this one as a background for a very drastic edit. I took several jumpshots of my brother that day, and I was hoping to do "an anatomy of a jumpshot," but because I took the jumpshots using my cellphone, I had a very difficult time plotting all the points to cut off my brother's image in the photo. It's still very much doable, but since I am pressed for time (too much work to do), I went for an easy edit:

Shoot and Edit Week 2

After resizing the base image to 1200x900 (still in landscape orientation), I made a vertical selection (480x640) and cropped the image. I decided to take out the other person in the picture as I felt this was more dramatic if I would just show an image of the father and the child. Then, I used the "Desert" action to give it that "golden hour" look, followed by a layer each of Kim Klassen's "Sweettart" and "Portrait" textures. Before adding my namestamp, I also adjusted the curves and used the "Unsharp Mask" tool.

If I will have enough time tonight, I might attempt the "Anatomy of a Jumpshot" edit and share it some other time.

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