Friday, July 08, 2011

Foto Friday | Favorite

This week, the Foto Friday meme found a new home in Lori's blog La-La's Home Daycare. Welcome, Lori! Am looking forward in sharing images here on Foto Friday. This week, the prompt is "Favorite," and among the pictures I took today, this is my favorite:


I don't know what it's called, but that's the curly part of the ampalaya (bitter gourd - momordica charantia). I planted some seeds about two months ago, and now, am checking the plants because they started bearing fruits. It's also the rainy season in the Philippines, and I learned (from some people around) that rains can cause fruits to rot and can cause insects to infest on fruits, so I am really checking on my fruits as I really want to have a good harvest.

When it comes to the macro mode, I really really love my point and shoot camera. It really has the ability to focus on the subject even if the lens are practically kissing the subject. To take this picture, though, I had to place my hand behind my subject to help it focus. I took out my hand just before I hit the shutter.

I will be attending a food event tomorrow, so am also linking this image for the "Favorite Photo of the Week" meme.

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