Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Texture Tuesdays | The Aurora Edition

I used the Aurora texture on my edit last week, and since this week's prompt was to use at least a layer of Aurora texture, I decided to use a picture on landscape orientation, as my picture last week was set to portrait orientation. I thought of taking a new picture, but while washing the dishes I used for lunch, I thought about using this picture instead:

Balsa SOOC

I took this May of 2010 while vacationing in my mom's hometown. It was a lax day for me, so I tagged my cousin's daughter to the old port to take pictures of the sunset. This picture I took while we were passing by the island shore, looking for a good vantage point for the sunset. The man in the photo is a fisherman on a bamboo raft harvesting some crabs.

The Aurora Edit

Here's how I ended up with this edit:
  • Rotated the image 1.20 degrees to the right to make the horizon horizontal.
  • Cloned part of the sea to take out the man from afar.
  • Scaled image to 800x600, then cropped it to 640x480.
  • Changed it to black and white, using the Film B&W script (I chose Agfa 200x).
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Chamomile" texture, set to multiply at 75%.
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Aurora" texture, set to normal at 50%.
  • Ran the "Manny Librodo Sharpening" script, using the default settings.
  • Ran the "Purple Hue" action, then adjusted the curves.
  • Added my name stamp and flattened the image.
I kinda liked how the image looked a bit like painting. :)

*** Jenn ***