Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Art of Composition | Roads / Path

There were a few skips, but we are now on the 22nd exercise for the Art of Composition meme.

Exercise #22 - Roads / Paths

This week, the prompt is "Roads / Path," and although this image is somewhat similar and might pass as an entry for last time's exercise (Stairs), this was basically the only road/path image I took in monochrome.

I took this while at the Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo City (Rizal Province). It may be called a mountain, but getting into the prayer huts, guests had to actually take the path going down. This image I took while my mom and her friends were exchanging reflections about the gospel for that day. Since their statements were about their life and how people around influenced them, I felt I had to let them talk because I am my mom's daughter and I felt my presence might hinder mom to share what she wanted to say.

Walking around to find photography subjects, seeing this path made me remember this week's exercise, so I switched my camera's setting to black and white to take this shot, but of course I also took images of this path in color (though it's obviously a bit different as I didn't bring the tripod).

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