Monday, July 18, 2011

Shoot and Edit | Summer [SOOC]

I was already a blogger long before I became interested with photography. When I discovered the capabilities of my cell phone's camera and when mom decided to buy our first point and shoot digital camera, I used it mainly to take pictures for my blog posts. Composition, framing, timing, as well as editing was something unimportant to me back then. As long as I have at least one image to back up my blog posts, I was a happy blogger.

However, since I started hitting the shutter and I lived the life being a "point-and-shooter," I have taken lots and lots of pictures that would eat the computer's memory; and now that I am taking pictures almost everyday, there were instances that some pictures were left in the vaults as new pictures were taken.

Thanks to this photo challenge, I have found a way to show old pictures. Edits will then be applied using new things learned.

Paratong Beach

The summer here in the Philippines usually start early March and ends early June. In May of 2008, I traveled to La Union because my Aunt and her former high school friends were going to have a joyride traveling the north part of the country.

A day after I arrived, my Aunt celebrated her birthday. Normally, she would travel to Manaoag Church in Pangasinan, but because the highway was closed due to the damage created by the typhoon, so what we just had some foods cooked for lunch, then watched the sunset at the nearby Paratong Beach.

I will attempt something difficult to do for my edit, hope I am able to pull it off. :)

*** Jenn ***