Monday, July 25, 2011

Quotography | Family

It has been four years since dad passed away, but I am happy that our family is still very united and that more than being family members, we are all good friends as well. We don't take that much family pictures, but every Christmas Day, it is already our tradition to set up the camera and pose for pictures.

Family Quote

This was taken Christmas last year. I could have used any other family pictures - pictures I took of different families... but, doing so would make me feel I have overlooked my own family, so I chose this one. Well, I did set up the camera on the tripod, so this picture is pretty much mine, or ours. :)

Among our family pictures, this has been the craziest. I remember us having formal pictures, but since I set up my camera to 15 seconds before it takes the shot, it allowed us to adjust our poses and doing so made us forget a bit that a picture is just about to be taken.

Here's what happened: My brother got a little tired doing the formal poses since we posed for about four pictures already, so while waiting for this to be taken, he entertained himself by opening the gifts near him. It caused mom to be distracted as gifts weren't supposed to be opened yet. Meanwhile, my sister and I were already doing our poses when my sister accidentally hit my mom's head, so she immediately held mom's head to say sorry. Then the camera fired the flash. We didn't know at first that this image came out like this, as after the flash fired, I set the camera again for another picture. After the shoot, I reviewed the pictures and this really cracked me up. My family couldn't help but laugh, too.

I will be running out of space if I'd still tell how much I love and how much my family means to me. God really loved me so much because He gave me wonderful people to become my family. Sure, buttons are pushed every now and then - that makes us normal, but I really couldn't ask for me. My family is my heaven on earth.

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ps - Thanks again to Nicolasa for choosing my Birthday Quotography as part of the Top 3 last week.