Wednesday, February 02, 2011

C - Cockroach



I don't recall a time I got scared of the bugs. Biology has been a subject in school I found fascinating, that even if I was only 9 years old, I have successfully dissected a frog without any qualms during a class experiment. This fascination with biology has got me interested with all life forms, that instead of getting icky with bugs, I treat them as a way of learning knowledge.

I was about to wash the dishes when I saw this cockroach in the sink. Instead of spraying it with insecticide, I decided to get my camera to take some pictures. Our kitchen was not well lit, so I had to use flash in taking this critter. Macro mode with flash, I had to put the exposure of my camera to -2 so I can get my camera as close as possible (zooming the camera doesn't work using the macro mode). It was a willing model, that I took quite a lot of pictures.

If you think that's icky, then take a look at this:

Coming Out

Baby cockroaches! For a minute I cannot really tell if these were baby cockroaches - certainly looked different than the adult ones, but it came out from a cockroach's egg, so I think they look like this upon hatching and will just change appearance as it ages.

This wasn't an experiment though, I accidentally stepped on the egg when I entered the bathroom and saw these little critters a few seconds after.

The first picture was taken July 2010, the second one was taken January 2011.

*** Jenn ***