Thursday, February 24, 2011

F - Ferris Wheel

I was out whole day yesterday, and it was quite late when we got home, so it was just now that I am able to share my "F" word for ABC Wednesday.

42/365 - Ferris Wheel

This was taken sometime in 2009... I was on my way to meet my friends when I saw that there was a fair. At that time, our old camera was with my sister, but since I had my cell phone with me, I decided to take some pictures. The Ferris Wheel wasn't moving that fast.... but since it was moving and I didn't turn on the image stabilizers of my cell phone the image came out like this when I clicked the shutter.

Wheel of Fate


This one was taken the same year, a few months after the first picture. This was the Wheel of Fate, the oh-so-big Ferris Wheel in Enchanted Kingdom. It may be big, but it was such a fun experience taking a ride, especially when it stops for a while, allowing riders to get a great look of the view from above.

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