Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Church Interiors

My post for B&W Wednesday was something I took using my cell phone while on a vacation with K in the province of Iloilo.

San Jose Church - Iloilo

I love taking pictures of church aisles showing as much details on both sides and showing a little of the altar in the middle. Usually, I just concentrate on the aisle leading to the altar, but I have learned how to maximize my vacation by taking as much pictures as possible - covering different angles and different vantage points.

I took this one while sitting on the floor. By lowering myself, I was able to capture a lot of details inside the church. I love the columns on both sides, and the repetition made by the benches. I could never tell if I could capture this sight much better if I had my camera with me (it died just before we arrived in Iloilo), but with this image, I am already a happy traveler and photographer.

*** Jenn ***