Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Exercise 4 - Points (Signs)

I am not sure if the Linky is still open on Nathalie's blog, but here's my take on her exercise #4.

Exercise 3 - Signs

The exercise was about points, featuring signs that make a point. The exercise was posted a bit late, and since I rarely go out of the house, doing this exercise was difficult one to do. I am thinking of not joining this week, but yesterday, my sister and I went to meet up with brother at the bus terminal, and since I was sitting near the window, I was able to take a picture of this.

I admit it wasn't a good image. I used my cell phone to take this, as it was the first thing my hang got a hold of. It was set on infinity so it will freeze the image right away, but because I was in a moving bus, there were still some blur into it.

If I could have it my way, I seriously hope to take a picture of people actually crossing the road, but this was the only thing I saw. About the sign - it was powerful enough, if you ask me. Well, putting something about death can give a good impact on people, but because some people are either daredevils or just plain stupid, they still cross the road no matter how dangerous it is. If you can't understand the sign, it reads: "Crossing Not Allowed, Somebody Already Died Here."

Please allow me to slip this one exercise... I will just make up for it next time. :)

*** Jenn ***