Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Capture: Warmth

This week's prompt for You Capture is "warmth," and here is my share:

Oreo Kitty


I took this picture the soonest time I learned about the prompt. My cat Oreo tries to stay indoors and sleep near the stuffed toys and throw pillows to get some warmth because the past few days have been chilly here. Unfortunately, this cat can feel whenever I am near him, so as soon as I turned on my camera, he just woke up and tried to mess my shoot. :) Good thing he went still for a while, giving me enough time to take this picture.

Does he like Winnie the Pooh? Not really, he just needed some warmth. :) He still likes my bath towel the most, but I cannot let him sleep there or else I'd rub lots of fur in my skin. :)

*** Jenn ***