Tuesday, February 22, 2011

With a Critter on the Side

Wild Flower

My share for Phonography was something I took last Friday. When my sister and I jogged around Colinas Verdes that day, I only took my cell phone with me, and us taking a different route made me see different wildflowers, including this picture. I couldn't help but to stop and take a picture, and I am happy about how my cell phone cooperated with me. Well, my cell phone does take great pictures, especially if there is a lot of light.

This image is pretty much SOOC; I didn't mess with any of its settings, though I admit I did crop this - the original image had the flowers in the dead center, I just resized and cropped it putting the flowers in the bottom right corner.

While resizing the picture, I noticed there was a little bug in the flower. The flower is actually smaller than my pinkie finger, and seeing an even smaller critter made me a happy jogger/photographer. Hahaha.

*** Jenn ***