Friday, February 04, 2011

Sky in Lomo

Sky in Lomo

I took this picture while my mom, sis, and I were walking home from the market. Actually, it was just my sister and I who went to the market, we just waited for mom there because the marketplace was just outside the neighborhood, and it was late in the afternoon, we knew mom would arrive anytime from work.

One of the pleasures of walking and having the cell phone in the pocket is the way I can take pictures of anything that will catch my interest, like these electric posts. Looking up, I just liked the lines created by the posts and cables against the sky.

I post-processed this picture through GIMP. I got to watch a video tutorial about creating a Lomo Effect, and I tried it in this picture. In the SOOC picture, it was actually just pale blue sky with clouds, but as I applied each steps in the processing, the lower corner of the picture just gave the orange tint, which I really loved. The sun was actually setting the time I took this, and I am happy that little hint of sunset was highlighted.

*** Jenn ***