Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Monday (Yellow)

Yellow Hibiscus

Today's Flowers

My share for this week was something I took from our neighbor's front yard... I just love their big yellow hibiscus, that I always find myself taking pictures of it every now and then. One time, my sister scolded me for doing it, so I stopped taking pictures because I do agree, the image files were eating my netbook's memory. Come to think of it, I have taken similar pictures every now and then, so I guess I should just photograph other subjects.

However, I wanted to take a fresh photograph for the Happy Monday Challenge, so before eating my lunch, I went out to take a photo of the yellow hibiscus again. The plant had so many flowers, but since it was high noon, some were wilted, some were still closed, and some were like this - half open and half closed.

The hibiscus flowers were actually huge when it's fully opened (about the size of a small saucer), as much as it is beautiful like that, the photographer in me loves it just like this, because I can get to photograph the petals and the pistils.

I am also linking this up to Mellow Yellow Monday and Today's Flowers.

*** Jenn ***