Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exercises 5 & 6 - Corners and Blocks

I wasn't able to post my Exercise 5 picture in time, so I am doing a two-in-one post for this week:

Exercise #5 - Corners

Exercise #5 - Corners
Colinas Verdes (San Jose del Monte, Bulacan)
12 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Honestly speaking, I was gave myself two weeks to find a structure with interesting corners, but I just wasn't able to find any. I guess this is the downside of working at home - I don't have that much time to go out.

I don't know if this picture would "qualify," but here is my take: the street sign markers where my sister and I jog every morning. When I took this picture, I used the "widescreen" mode of my camera, just to have something different.

Exercise #6 - Blocks

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Exercise #6: Blocks
Rubick's Cube
11 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Yesterday, I remember typing on my Twitter: "Photographing blocks is giving me a block." I wrote that because I was really having a difficult time looking for a subject for this exercise. I have asked our neighbors with kids if they have toy blocks I can borrow, but none of them don't have have any to lend me. I decided to go to the nearest grocery store (the one just outside of the neighborhood) and bought some little chocolate blocks, but I realized photographing chocolates in black and white doesn't really look good (either that or I don't have a talent in photography).

When I went to a store to have my cell phone loaded with credits, I saw some Rubick's Cube for sale. It was only p20, so I decided to buy it, too. The Rubick's Cube may look like one big cube (or block), but looking at it closely, it has lots of little cubes linked together.

Again, it was quite difficult to photograph something colorful in monochrome, I am just glad the little cubes had different stickers that seem to divide each of the cubes.

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