Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Starfish Charm

Starfish Charm

This starfish charm was one of the decorations in our aquarium, when we still have it. When all of our fishes died, we decided not to fill the aquarium anymore. The sands we threw away, but the stones and other decorations, including this charm, was placed in a container and is now a decoration in our center table.

When I found out the theme for Happy Monday is black and white, I first thought of photographing the gummy bears I had in the fridge, but I later found out that taking pictures of the bears without the colors didn't appeal to me. I was actually about to just find a picture in my file, when I saw the starfish charm. Using the old Christmas wreath which my sister wrapped with balls tied in a string, I photographed the charm. It looked dirty because of the hard water residue (which was difficult to take off), but I think it added more charm to the charm. :)

I am linking this picture for the B&W Wednesdays, too.

*** Jenn ***