Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunrise at Colinas Verdes

Sunrise at Colinas Verdes

Last Monday, our neighbor Ria asked if we wanted to jog around Colinas Verdes, a proposed subdivision area just near the border of Caloocan City and San Jose del Monte (Bulacan Province). The place was still very bare, with only three model houses and roads to divide the land. It has been a good choice for people who wanted to jog, bike, or just walk. Since Ria has no work every Mondays, I decided it might be a good idea, especially that my sister is joining us, too. That day, we left quite late - 7am. We just walked from our house to the area, and walked back home, too. It was a good fitness routine, though I wasn't able to bring my camera. All I had in my pocket was my cell phone.

Sister and I decided to go back the next day, and since she will be leaving later in the morning, we went there just before 6am, so we can finish early, too. The sun rises quite late during this time of the year, and I was in awe when I started seeing the sun rising to greet everyone good morning. The picture above was taken from that day. I maxed out the 12 times zoom of my camera and set the shutter speed to 1/2500 to minimize the glare of the sun.

I am such a lover of the sunrise. Seeing this one just melted my heart. I now have a reason to jog every morning!

*** Jenn ***