Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand

I told time and time again that I am a morning person, but it's rare for me to see the sunrise as our house is facing west. My share for Happy Monday is a sunset picture, which I took the other day. Everyday, I go to the market just outside the neighborhood to make sure we're eating fresh foods. Normally I do it late in the afternoon, and I prefer to do it very late (6PM) because if I go there quite early like I did the day I took this picture, the sun setting would be a bit glaring that it was a bit difficult to see the road unless I bring an umbrella with me.

This was shot using my cell phone around 5:30PM, I knew I had to lower my head because the sun shine was too bright, but seeing the shadow of this little boy holding his older brother's hand took my interest to take a picture. I actually concentrated on the shadow, so the original picture had more shadows, I just cropped it to this size to give more emphasis on the sun rays.

It's really great to have the handy dandy cell phone in the pocket. :)

*** Jenn ***