Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 022011

My take for this week's prompts:

Foodie 365 - 49/365

01 - Chocolate
18 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Sister bought herself two Boston Creme donuts from Dunkin' Donuts before going home from an all-night party with friends, but she wasn't feeling well the whole day after she got home, so she just gave her donuts to brother and I.

I found the chocolate topping a bit sweet, so after a bite (and taking this picture), I scraped off all the chocolate before eating it again.

Sony Ericsson K800i

02 - Numbers
20 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

My cell phone Cysho (read: See-Show, a Sony Ericsson K8ooi cell phone) has been with me for three and a half years now. It wasn't my first choice of cell phone (I wanted a Motorola V3x that time - similar to what my sister used to own), but when I saw this at a store having an NTC (National Telecommunication Commission) seal, I decided to buy it as it was within the same price range. When I first learned how to use the macro function of its camera, I then realized I made a good decision of buying it... and I still am amazed at how great it is in capturing images. Cysho and I have come a long way, and I am looking forward to many more years of capturing life moments together.

I took this one using the "Miniature Effect" on camera.

Canned Goods

03 - Canned Food
20 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Not a good picture, I know... I guess I am not inspired to take a picture of canned food this week. :)

Foodie 365 - 38/365

04 - Music
07 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

This iPod Nano (which I named Zoe) was something I won from a Coke Zero contest in Facebook. This was awarded to me 26 February last year, but believe it or not, it was just this month that I decided to use it. Of all the gadgets that came out, the MP3 player was something I never got interested with, which is why I am also asking myself why I joined the contest, but when I got it, I thought of selling it... but my sister was discouraging me again and again. Realizing this has been in my closet for nearly one year, I decided to take it out and pollute it with MP3 files I have in my netbook.

My sister and I are traveling north this coming Friday (we won't be home 'til March 06), and I guess I can count on Zoe to entertain me during long land travels. Song on play when I took this picture was "Thinking 'Bout Something," from my favorite band, Hanson.


05 - Stack
16 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

When I received an invitation for the Max's Corner Bakery blog event, I tagged my sister with me and we took home lots of baked goodies, including a box of macaroons. I know most people are familiar with the circular shaped multi-colored macaroons, but here in the Philippines, we also call this pastry macaroons - made with dessicated coconuts, flour, sugar, and milk. It's a habit of mine to take pictures of each of the food items before we eat it, and my way of photographing these macaroons was to stack some of them just to break away from the usual way of photographing foods. My family did wait patiently for me to finish with the shoot before I let them eat it, but yes, I did hear some complaints here and there while photographing the macaroons.

All of these pictures were SOOC - I am bit lazy to play with their colors this time, so I am linking these to SOOC Sunday, too.

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