Wednesday, July 28, 2010

B - Bougainvillea

Continuing with the flower posts for ABC Wednesday... for letter B it's bougainvillea.

Fuente Osmena Circle

Taken from Wikipedia, "They are thorny, woody vines growing anywhere from 1-12 meters tall, scrambling over other plants with their hooked thorns. The thorns are tipped with a black, waxy substance. They are evergreen where rainfall occurs all year, or deciduous if there is a dry season. The leaves are alternate, simple ovate-acuminate, 4-13 cm long and 2-6 cm broad. The actual flower of the plant is small and generally white, but each cluster of three flowers is surrounded by three or six bracts with the bright colors associated with the plant, including pink, magenta, purple, red, orange, white, or yellow. Bougainvillea glabra is sometimes referred to as "paper flower" because the bracts are thin and papery."

The bougainvillea flower also gained popularity amongst the people in La Union, that sometime in the early 2000s, they proclaimed it as the provincial flower. This flower however, was taken in 2009, during my trip to Cebu City. The fountain on the background is the Fuente Osmena.

*** Jenn ***


photowannabe said...

This is a great plant that basically takes care of its self. There are so many different vibrant colors. A perfect choice for the letter B.

Tumblewords: said...

How beautiful! A great B.

Vernz said...

Wow, ito yung pabayaan mu lang plant ... hahaha... nice one.

Mara said...

I somehow associate this plant with France and long summers doing nothing. Even though I probably never saw one in real life...

Roger Owen Green said...

i need self-sufficient plants myself!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jay said...

They wouldn't do well here, but when we lived in NZ, there were a couple of deep red ones in the back yard! Wonderful things. And yours is such a pretty, pretty pink.

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

Nathalie said...

We used to have a lot of these, don't know what happened to them though.

Your photo is beautiful.

Thanks for joining, see you next Wednesday.

ABC Wednesday Team

Carol said...

One of the very few things I miss since we left Southern California. Lovely!