Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Dancing Bee

The Dancing Bee

If the USA has McDonald's, the Philippines has Jollibee. As the leading fast food chain in the country (they already have branches abroad, too), every kid here in the Philippines who the red and yellow bee is.

When our neighbor and close family friend Charmy celebrated the first birthday of her baby, she and her husband decided to do the party in Jollibee so they would no longer have to think about what to serve and how to carry on the party. In all of Jollibee parties, it is never complete without the main mascot greeting the celebrant and pose for pictures with the other people in the party.

The mascot has also gained popularity by doing all sorts of things - charity work (a mascot helped in Gawad Kalinga - a charitable institution similar to Habitat for Humanity), guiding traffic (we saw one in La Union), and dancing it off with the KFC mascot at a street party (a very popular You Tube video). Nowadays, there's a video floating in Facebook - a Jollibee dancing to Justin Bieber's "Baby." With so many Jollibee branches nationwide, I do think all were trying to outdo each other, but of course all were done to make people entertained.

The mascot at the party did dance. It wasn't Justin Bieber's "Baby," but it was okay... the man inside the costume surely knew how to dance.

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reg said...

This looks really cool, Thanx for posting it. I did this once for a summer when I was a kid. I had so much fun because no body knew it was me!!!!! Actually I was to embarrassed to let any one know, truth be told

stan said...

Yes, I've tried Jollibee in my 3 visits to Manila. The chicken is v good!

chubskulit said...

Nice capture sis.

Ruby Tuesday

Francisca said...

Not only a cool shot of the red dancing Jollibee, but a good story. I've lived in Manila 20 years, but I have yet to taste a Jollibee burger. Don't feel bad, though, I don't do McDonald's either!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

nice shot ... i never thought of other countries having their equivalent of fast food but of course they do.
My Ruby Redness

charmie said...

ordinary crew sa Jollibee ang entertainer. You couldn't believe how these mascot give fun to the kids and people in the party. Si Jollibee yon nag bibigay buhay sa party. I love Jolibee