Sunday, July 25, 2010


Continuing with the critter pictures I took from my April vacation in Pangasinan.


I was invited to go to Siapar in the town of Anda. We first went to the fishing village, then we went to this part of the sea - rather shallow because there was a small island - where we chill out, picked clams... and the kids went on to pick out starfishes and gather as much as they can. These were just three of the many starfishes they collected. The kids had a good time stacking up the starfishes, but they didn't do any harm on the critters. Before we left, we made sure the critters were submerged in water so they will be okay.

*** Jenn ***


cat said...

Wow those are some big starfish! Lovely shot.

Siromade said...

That's a big starfish, looks alive still. Beautiful photo.

Nikki-ann said...

A great photo :) I saw some starfish this week.