Monday, July 26, 2010

Green on Yellow

Last of the Flora and Fauna pictures for Today's Flowers...

Today's Flowers

Whenever I take the time to travel to Baguio City, I would always see to it that I would capture images of flowers, because that's what Baguio is known for (aside from being the Summer Capital of the country, of course). When my cousin Mhai and I went there for a day trip, not only did I revisit all the places we went to when we did the Summer Trip in 2006... I also stopped by to take pictures of flowers as we walked around the city.

This was taken in Burnham Park. I don't know what the flower is - maybe a chrysanthemum... but the main thing that got me to take a picture of it was the hopper. The contrast between the green and the yellow just look nice, that even if this wan't a real good image (in terms of quality), I was happy how it turned out.

*** Jenn ***


Luna Miranda said...

flowers are definitely one of Baguio's attractions. great shot.

Paula said...

This is Dahlia flowers. Happy yellow flowers.

fini said...

I always see bees and butterflies, never grasshopper :) Great snap!!