Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Growing Pains

158/365 c2 - Growing Pains

Just a month ago, mommy Teddy (the mother cat) gave birth to three cute kittens. Like the last two births, I allowed the mother cat to take care of her offspring in their own dark corner, but as soon as the kittens opened their eyes, they also started roaming around the house. I was very fond of this kitten in particular, because it was the only male kitten, and that it showed a very jolly personality from the get go.

After they opened their eyes, they soon started having teeth, and unlike humans, they tend to have lots of teeth coming out at once. I don't have a baby of my own, but I was already 8 years old when my sister was born, and I knew it was difficult for a baby once the teeth started coming out. I could just imagine... a baby tends to get fever and would become slightly agitated with just one tooth coming out, how much more can one small kitten feel having more than a tooth coming out.

I guess cats have to deal with so much adjustments in such a short period of time that not all of them grow up to be adult cats. This cat died just a few days after it started eating solid foods. I put up this picture as my tribute.

*** Jenn ***

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marina said...

aawww... poor little kitty!!! so sad...but he's in kitty haeven.
love the photo!