Monday, July 05, 2010

Fly on Flower

Intended for the Sunday Meme "Camera Critters," I decided to use up Flora and Fauna for this month on Today's Flowers, since most flowers with bugs were highlighting more of the flower than the bug.

169/365 c2 - Fly

Today's Flowers

I saw this flower while walking along the neighborhood after doing some blog updates at the nearby Internet Cafe. I only had my cell phone that time, so when I saw this and found it interesting, I still took a picture of it. I learned the "macro" camera function through my cell phone, and although I don't use this camera anymore to capture more macro shots, it felt nice to go back in using it. I cannot go as near to my subject as my point and shoot camera, but I cannot help but smile after seeing the soft bokeh on this image. The fly was also a willing model - which is something I am thankful for as well.

This image is also my entry for weekday photo's theme for the week - white.

*** Jenn ***

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Average Girl said...

That is a really beautiful pictures!