Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Art of Composition | Stairs

Our house is a bungalow and the concrete stair from the street leading to our gate didn't look that appealing, so I checked each of my DVDs to look if I have taken a picture of stairs in black and white. Spending all afternoon checking folder after folder didn't go to waste because I was able to see this:

Exercise #22 - Stairs

This was taken at the Obdulia's Business Center in Dumaguete City, February 2009. My brother and I, together with our friend Malou went there as our side trip - our main travel was a few days ago, when we attended a convention in Cebu City. It was our last 24 hours in the city, and our gracious host opted to book us a room at the said center (it has a hotel apart from the different stores and restaurants). Our room was on the 4th floor, and because I was already a travel blogger then, I took time to roam around the hotel to take some pictures.

Obviously, most of my pictures were in color, but because my camera was very new (I bought it a few days before flying to Cebu), I still was very excited with it, and this particular part of the hotel I took a picture three times - one in color, one in sepia, one in black and white.

This didn't have the "wow" factor, I know, but I liked the lines, and comparing the three shots I made, this was my favorite.

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