Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 061911

This week has been a test of patience for me. Seems most things aren't going my way... and that I tend to get annoyed at the slightest detail. Too many things planned for this weekend, but all were cancelled, and I almost missed this week's hunt, but I decided to just check my archives for some files. This week, my entry is a mix of new and old photos.


01 - Emotion.

Something I took last May when my sister and I visited the Manila Cathedral. The Cathedral's main doors had these very intricate and intriguing sculptures, and I just had to take pictures of different emotions in the people's faces. Anyway, I really should be taking a selfie for this prompt as I was way too emotional this week, but I guess in a way I am like this man - I just have to lift all the negative vibes and trust that all will be okay.


02 - Flower's Point of View

Another picture I took last May, am not sure if this depicted the prompt well, but some flowers were facing the altar, so.... :)

natural frame

03 - Natural Frame

It rained one afternoon last week, but it stopped come dusk, and although the clouds were heavy, the sunshine still managed to peep through, and it was such a wonderful message from the heavens. I took this picture from our window - I used one of the jalousies as my tripod because I had to zoom in on the clouds, and while doing so, I realized that the leaves from the trees as well as the electric cables framed the bright clouds well.


03 - Letters

The letters that spelled "Create" were letter brads I bought for my scrapbooking many years ago. While thinking of this prompt, I was contemplating of photographing old correspondence (which is also called "letters" here), but I felt a little lazy getting the old boxes in my closet (I placed them on the topmost shelf), so I just took out several scrapbooking materials. At first I spelled "Breathe," which I think was a little advice I always give to myself, but seeing the letter C in the bag, I went to spell "create" as I think it was a much powerful word.

I positioned the letter on the wooden chair and framing the shot, I decided to put a big white space in the image so I could add words. The words in the image were from the song, "Create in Me," one of my favorite religious songs I learned from Singles for Christ. I oftentimes open my day singing this song as my prayer. Although the words were somewhat similar to Keith Green's song, this one is actually different, and if you want to hear the song, just press the play button on the YouTube video I embedded.


05 - Bliss

Nothing more blissful that eating a decadent chocolate-laden food.

Hopefully next week, I can share all new pictures. Happy weekends!

*** Jenn ***