Saturday, June 11, 2011

Favorite Photo of the Week | Capas Memorial

I wasn't able to participate last weekend because I trekked to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo with my sister and some blogger pals. I already shared a few pictures from the trek and one picture from the Capas Shrine (our side trip), but there was one more picture that really made me happy that day:

Memorial at Capas

This picture was a lucky shot. Traveling back to Manila from Tarlac, sister and I were on the west side, so we could see the sunset colors from the bus' window. I hoped to take a picture of the sunset because I was able to capture a sunrise picture earlier that day, but it was quite difficult because the bus was a bit fast and there were things that would always clutter my shot - trees, buildings, etc. I turned the dial of my camera's shutter speed so I can just shoot and shoot, telling my sister I will just check the shots when we got home, there might be something that would be good enough to keep.

Fifth time I pressed my shutter, this image came up (of course, the SOOC picture wasn't really good - the bus' curtains were there), and I was like, "holy cow!" Well, I don't know the exact name of this triangular structure, but from what I know of, this was a memorial for all those who took part of the Death March (world war 2). Sharing a bit of history, the Death March started in Bataan and ended in Tarlac (two different provinces). Anyway, whenever I travel north, I always hope I can take a picture of this memorial from the bus' window... and this day I was able to... without even thinking about it that moment.

By the way, I participate in this meme every Saturdays (Philippine time), so I will choose pictures from Saturday 'til Friday. :)

*** Jenn ***