Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texture Tuesdays | Free & Easy Edition

It's another free week for Texture Tuesdays and since I just transferred back all my 2010 photo files in my netbook, I decided to just select a picture from that main folder and thought of editing this picture.

Just mouse over the image if you wanna see the SOOC shot to save some space. :) This picture was taken along Wright Park in Baguio City, while on a holiday with K - November 2010.

Since this is the Free and Easy edition, editing this picture was also easy-peasy... I just did this steps:
  • Applied the "Mayzee" texture set to multiply at 60%.
  • Erased the texture on the daisy with bug.
  • Applied the "Chamomile" texture set to normal at 45%.
  • Ran the National Geographic script set to the default settings.
  • Ran the Soft Effect Lite action and flattened the image.

There might be five steps to the edit, but it was easy-peasy because I didn't have to control much of the settings, I just ran the actions and scripts and that's it! :)

*** Jenn ***