Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Art of Composition | Trees

This exercise was actually due two weeks ago, but with the rains pouring almost everyday, I wasn't able to go out and shoot pictures, and on the few days that I did go out, I wasn't able to see trees that could be a good subject (either that or, I wasn't able to think about a good composition).

While searching my files for a suitable picture for my Shutter Love Tuesdays post, I realized that my 12 February album had one black and white picture with trees in it, so for this exercise, I will go ahead and use this.

Exercise #19 - Trees

It was already late when sister and I arrived at Colinas Verdes, and the sun was already up. I really love the sunrise from this spot, but since the sun was already up, I decided to just change my camera's setting to black and white as I was hunting for another AoC prompt that time.

Happy Hump Day!

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