Monday, June 06, 2011

Quotography | Adventure

As crazy as it seems, I actually have two photo blogs. The older one got hacked before, forcing me to close it and open this one. About a few months ago, a friend of mine helped me clean the old blog and since it had it's GPR restored and is now bug-free, I decided to continue posting there. Since there are quite a lot of photo challenges I can join, I have come to divide the blogs to accommodate all challenges I wanted to join. However, this crazy mind of mine wanted to switch things up, so from this week onward, some challenges from the other blog will be posted here, some from here will be posted there. I wanted this particular blog to be a reflection of things I have learned in photography, and that I want this one a testament that even if I am using a point-and-shoot camera, I can still have a good photo blog.

One challenge from the other blog transferred here is the Quotography meme. This week is an open theme, and I chose "adventure" as my key word.

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing."

This picture was one of the very few pictures I took while trekking to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo last Saturday. It was a very tiring hike, and I was a bit disappointed at myself because I couldn't pace myself. It took me three hours to reach the crater, but of course, even if it took me that long, I am very proud of myself because I was able to do what I just did.

Helen Keller is one of the persons I truly admire, and I do agree with what she said about life being an adventure. In my point of view, it doesn't really matter what sort of adventures you do - you can pig out, party all night, do the bungee jump, or laugh out loud with friends... the important thing is that you enjoy your life and do something to make it better rather than stare at the ceiling and collect dust. The important thing you must know in any adventure you go through is the word "respect." Respect yourself, respect nature, and respect the people around you. Sure you can party all night, if that's your idea of adventure, but... respect yourself, respect those around you. Party all you want, but don't go wasted, and if you need to be at work the next day, be at your 100%.

"Life is short" is already a cliche, but it's true, right? Treat each day as an adventure. Make your life a heaven on earth.

*** Jenn ***