Friday, June 17, 2011

Foto Friday | Upside Down

This was supposed to my share for last week's prompt (action), but somehow I felt this one's already quite old, so I chose a different picture. However, seems as if this picture is really meant to be shared because it just fit this week's prompt (upside down).

I took this picture July 2009 while in Baguio City attending the Metro Manila Conference of the Singles for Christ, a Catholic organization. It was a three-day conference and on the first day, we had a talent contest, and our team performed a dance piece. I was quite lucky that night because one of the dancers handed his camera to his girlfriend and because she sat next to me, I went with her near the stage so I could take pictures, too.

I knew my camera would be having difficulties taking action pictures on a low-lit environment (most of my shots were blurred actually), so I was thankful that the spot light was right smack in front the time they did this step (the light was rotating). That time, I was using the very basic point-and-shoot camera, and my only way to get more light in was to up the ISO (this was set to ISO 1600) and to up the exposure to +2.

Anyway, our team won second place, and because the overall winner performed a song piece, the team felt they were winners in their own right since there were several teams who danced as well.

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Kim said...

Very cool!! I love the story behind it, too. Looks like their timing was perfect. Everyone is on the exact same position. They did a great job and so did you. What a really neat shot!

kaye said...

that is a very fun shot! Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

L. said...

This shot is awesome--such a great capture!