Monday, June 13, 2011

Quotography | Pets

"Pets" is this week's prompt on Quotography, and for this I didn't go far and just chose a picture of my darling cats.

Pets Quote

This was a picture from the vaults, circa 2009. In the picture were my cats Oreo, Kiat-Kiat, and Ponkan when they just started opening their eyes. The mother cat gave birth to these kitties inside our house, so we just let them stay even when they started roaming around the living room. Come night time, their favorite place to sleep at is on my bed, and of course as a happy servant to all my cats, I let them sleep on my bed. The kitten in the middle died when she started eating solid foods, but the other two are now big cats.

There are so many things to say about cats - that they always sleep, that their owners are actually their servants... of which I do agree, but regardless of what people say about cats, I just love them and yes, time spent with them is never wasted.

This picture has been post-processed and I used Kim Klassen's "luminous" texture.

*** Jenn ***