Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 061211

My interpretations for this week's prompts:

Long Exposure

01. Long Exposure

This prompt made me love my camera more. If I am still using my old point and shoot camera (Canon Powershot A1000is), there is no way I can pull off this shot... but since my camera now (Canon Powershot SX130is) has manual settings, I was able to produce a picture for this prompt. This was my first attempt at long exposure, and because I don't know anything about it, I consulted (the ever reliable) YouTube for tutorials.

Taking cue from the video I embedded, I first attempted doing the infinity symbol then later on tried to do a star... which was uber cool in itself, but when I let my sister try it and she just did letter "J," I experimented if I can actually write my name. The result wasn't that clear, but readable, I guess. I only did "Jen" instead of "Jenn" because writing the letter "n" can be a bit tricky. What I did was to start with "J" then with "e" then with "n" and tracing back the motion I did for "n" then to "e" then to "J" and doing it all over again. I set my camera to 10 seconds, so imagine how many times I had to write my name using the LED flash light.


02. Shapes

I first thought to buying some chicken nuggets in fun shapes, but I wasn't able to see one at the supermarket (only available were the regular rectangular shapes as well as those in letter forms), so when sister and I walked along Serendra in Bonifacio Global City this morning and saw these cube concrete seats as well as the concrete balls under the concrete bench, I decided to make a quick snapshot.


03. Green

My amplaya (momordica charantia) plant.


04. Fruit

I was able to take a picture of walnuts at the weekend market this morning, but my cousin told me it's a kind of a nut and not a fruit. When we got home, I opened a can of corn kernels and took a picture, but I thought corn is more of a grain than a fruit, so I just took out our lemons in the fridge and used it as my subject.

Jelly Ace

05. Childhood Memory

There are many memories from my childhood, but while doing the grocery shopping yesterday, I saw a pack of jellies in cups, so I thought I'd use it instead. For the full story about my childhood and jellies, please click HERE.

...oh, before I close this post, here's a picture of me and my brother:

With Brother

This was taken the day I was baptized, November 1980. It was also my brother's second birthday - parents decided to do a 2 in 1 celebration to save money.

Hope your weekend has been fruitful. Cheers to new knowledge learned and cheers to some awesome memories from the past.

*** Jenn ***