Thursday, June 23, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 06

Edit Me! Week 6 | SOOC

This week's photo was provided by Vic of "A Cup of Freck." Thinking of how to edit this picture was a bit of a struggle because part of me wanted to keep the image as is. Playing with some settings using GIMP, I came up with this:

Edit Me! Week 6 | Warm Edit

This was a very simple edit - like I said, I wanted to keep the image as much as I could, but if you wanted to know how I ended with this, here are I steps I made:
  • Resized image to 640x480.
  • Gave it a pass of the "Ancient Warm" action.
  • Ran the "Urban Acid" script, set to 30%.
  • Added a bit of noise.
  • Used the "Burn" tool, set to shadow at 10%.
  • Added my name stamp, flattened image, then saved it.

The "Ancient Warm" action was something I downloaded quite a long time ago when I searched for GIMP actions. The "Urban Acid" script, I downloaded from the GIMP Plugin Registry.

*** Jenn ***