Friday, June 03, 2011

Foto Friday | Food

Photographing food is something I do everyday because my take on the Project 365 is focused on food. My love affair with food photography is somewhat a "love and hate" relationship (leaning towards love, of course), and in the few "hate" moments, I could be the one to blame because there are times that I wasn't motivated to come up with good shots.

Anyway, here's my share for this week's prompt:

Char-Grilled "Greek Style" Norwegian Salmon Steak

No major post-processing aside from a very little sharpening. This might be taken last year, but I just shared the story behind the food just last night, so I guess I thought of using this image for this blog, too. This was one of the foods the family ate when we celebrated mom's birthday last year.

When it comes to food photography, I do love colorful dishes because it makes the food more appetizing, and when I eat out, I do love it if the place had ample lighting because my camera can't cope up with low lit environments.

If you want to read the full story behind this picture, you are all welcome to check my Food Blog, I Live to Eat!

*** Jenn ***