Thursday, June 16, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 05

When I joined this meme, I was actually having some fears that I might not be able to continue because post-processing was something new to me. It's now week 5, and there are no more fears... just pure excitement, because I really am enjoying learning new things.

Edit Me! (Week 5) - SOOC

This week's photo was by Keara of Now I Know What Life is About. Very timely image because it's Father's Day here in the Philippines this coming Sunday. Anyway, even before the image to be edited was posted, I learned a new technique on GIMP, but because it can't be applied to this image, I came up with this edit:

Edit Me! (Week 5) - Vintage Edit

My Reflection of Something

Steps I made:
  • Rotated the image 1.9 degrees to the left, just to straighten the horizon. For some reason, one constructive criticism I received when I first started sharing pictures online was to "keep your horizons horizontal," so in a way it was something that was already instilled in my mind.
  • Scaled and cropped image to 640x427, then cloned the sand to erase the pail and shovel on the lower left part of the image.
  • Changed the image to black and white using the Agfa 200x selection on the Old Black and White Film script I downloaded many months back.
  • Adjusted the levels.
  • Ran the Van Gogh (LIC) filter to make the image a little softer.
  • Ran the Vintage script with vignette.
  • Added two layers of Kim Klassen's "Love" texture - one set to multiply, the other to soft light - both at 60%.
  • Added my name stamp... then flattened and saved the image.

When I started learning about textures, scripts, and actions... I devoted a bit of my time reading about it, or watching tutorials over YouTube, or checking different blogs and learning from their edits. This was the first time I used the Van Gogh (LIC) filter, and as much as there are awesome things I could download to help enhance pictures, it was also great to know that my photo editing software also had cool filters I can use as well.

*** Jenn ***